Google Map of Dartmoor Tors

Map Description

This page has been created to complement the Tour by Tor 'Tor's Index page'. It has been designed through Google Maps to provide some stunning realism. If you use the Google map sliders (+ & -) you can zoom in on each tor, and if you click on or hover over any of the place-markers you will find a quick reference to the name, Ordnance Survey grid reference and the spot height (in metres) above mean-sea-level. Also, use the differenct views of 'Map', 'Sat' & 'Ter' to get the information you are looking for. I tend to use the 'Sat' view but the contour lines on the 'Ter' view can also be very helpful. The 'Map' viwe is not particularly useful as there are very few roads on Dartmoor.

Map Uses

I have found this tool an invaluable source of material for any Dartmoor walks you wish to plan and undertake yourself. If you use the 'line' tool you can even caluclate distances between key points.

Google Map of Dartmoor National Park

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