Tour by Tor: Indexed Tors of Dartmoor

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This page contains each of the tors of dartmoor in an easy to use index. The tors have been selected to include all named locations on the Ordance Survey Explorer map of dartmoor that include the word 'Tor' as part of their name. Also included is any location on Dartmoor National Park that sits above 600 metres in height. There are only a few exceptions to the naming convention found in the survey, for example 'Sharpitor' is a co-joined word whereas 'Cox Tor' (like the majority of named Tors) has the word 'Tor' included as a separate word in its' title. In total there are 135 tors included in the index. you will see also that there a few named tors in the index that share the same name. Where a shared name exists we have denoted the name with a suffix like: 'Named Tor..(1)'. Hopefully this should indicate to you that you may need to search deeper within the index to find the exact Tor you are looking for.

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By clicking on the named link you will receive a new page of details about the requested tor. This will include its' six-figure OS reference, height above sea-level, a cutout map of its' location and a short description or comment.

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Dartmoor Tors Index


Aish Tor
Arch Tor
Arms Tor


Bag Tor
Beardown Tor
Bel Tor
Bell Tor
Bellever Tor
Belstone Tor
Bench Tor
Birch Tor
Black Tor .. (1)
Black Tor .. (2)
Black Tor .. (3)
Blackadon Tor
Boulters Tor
Bray Tor


Calveslake Tor
Chat Tor
Chinkwell Tor
Combshead Tor
Combstone Tor
Conies Down Tor
Corndon Tor
Cox Tor
Cramber Tor
Crockern Tor
Crow Tor


Devils Tor
Dinger Tor
Doe Tor
Down Tor


East Mill Tor
Eastern Tor




Feather Tor
Flat Tor
Fox Tor
Fur Tor


Ger Tor
Great Combe Tor
Great Links Tor
Great Mis Tor
Great Staple Tor
Great Trowlesworthy Tor
Green Tor
Gren Tor
Gutter Tor


Hameldown Tor
Hangingstone Hill
Hare Tor
Hart Tor
Hartland Tor
Haytor Tor
Heckwood Tor
Hen Tor
High Willhays
Higher Tor
Higher Hartor Tor
Higher White Tor
Hockinston Tor
Hollow Tor .. (1)
Hollow Tor .. (2)
Holwell Tor
Honey Bag Tor
Hookney Tor
Hound Tor .. (1)
Hound Tor .. (2)
Huccaby Tor
Hucken Tor
Hunt Tor


Ingra Tor




King Tor
Kings Tor
Kitty Tor


Laughter Tor
Leather Tor
Leedon Tor
Legis Tor
Leigh Tor
Lints Tor
Littaford Tor
Little Hound Tor
Little Links Tor
Little Mis Tor
Little Staple Tor
Little Trowlesworthy Tor
Longaford Tor
Lower Hartor Tor
Lower White Tor
Luckey Tor
Lydford Tor
Lynch Tor


Mel Tor
Middle Tor
Middle Staple Tor


Nat Tor
North Hessary Tor


Oke Tor


Pew Tor
Pil Tor




Rippon Tor
Rival Tor
Rook Tor
Roos Tor
Rough Tor
Rowtor Tor
Rundlestone Tor


Saddle Tor
Scarey Tor
Scorhill Tor
Shapley Tor
Sharp Tor .. (1)
Sharp Tor .. (2)
Sharp Tor .. (3)
Shavercombe Tor
Sheeps Tor
Shelstone Tor
Shipley Tor
Sittaford Tor
Sourton Tor
South Hessary Tor
Stannon Tor
Steeperton Tor


Thornworthy Tor
Top Tor


Vixen Tor


Watern Tor
West Mill Tor
White Tor
Wild Tor
Wind Tor
Winter Tor


Yar Tor
Yes Tor

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