Leather Tor, Devonport Leat, Leedon Tor - Dartmoor Moor

Walk Introduction

This walk has a variety of classic Dartmoor features all rolled into one. It has easily accessible Tors of Sharpitor, Black Tor and Leedon Tor. Whilst having a strikingly mountainous ridge-line of Leather Tor. In addition you get the opportunity to walk the Devonport Leat through a pleasant plantation and to view Burrator reservoir from above. The Leat also provides an intriguing opportunity to view an aquaduct in working condition as it crosses the River Meavy further along the walk below Black Tor. If this modern history is not enough then at the end of the walk we pass through a well preserved Celtic settlement with enclosures and hut circles hidden amongst the ferns and bracken.

Walk Details

The walk should take about 3 hours of gentle strolling, starting from the car park on the B3212 just outside of Yelverton (OS Ref: 557 707). From here you walk South East toward the Sharpitor, the first Tor on the horizon. Follow the Map below for full walk details, along with OS References. If you're not convinced then view the gallery below, clicking on the thumbnails for large images.

Walk References

OS Ref Name of Feature Comment

557 707 Car Park Small Pond
560 703 Sharpitor Tor
563 700 Leather Tor Ridge-line
564 695 Devonport Leat Enter Plantation
572 707 Devonport Leat Gate at end of Plantation
573 173 Aquaduct Aquaduct over River Meavy
573 717 Black Tor Tor
563 718 Leedon Tor Tor
562 712 Celtic Settlements Ancient Village c.1000BC

Walk Gallery

Car Park at Start of Walk Sharpitor from Car park Peek Hill from Leather Tor
Leather Tor Sharpitor from Leather Tor Burrator Resevoir
Dartmoor ponies at Leather Tor Devonport Leat Devonport Leat
Plantation Gate at edge of Plantation Devonport Leat
Aquaduct over River Meavy River Meavy Valley Black Tor
Hart Tor Caterpillar on granite Leedon Tor from Black Tor
Leedon Tor Hut Circle  


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